ARK Survival Ascended release is on the horizon!

Diving Deep into ARK: Survival Ascended – Everything You Need to Know

Release Insights

Hold your horses; the unveiling of ARK Survival Ascended isn’t far off! The end of October will see the game’s launch trailer, enticing screenshots, and the live game. The delay of ARK Survival Ascended is almost over!

Supported Platforms

Enthusiasts will be able to delve into ASA via Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, and PC (compatible with both Windows and Steam).

The Reason Behind ARK Survival Ascended

Our motivation stems from multiple facets:

  • Upgrading the development team’s proficiency with UE5 and gauging its potential.
  • Business sustainability is vital. With the halt in releasing paid expansion packs, generating revenue becomes pivotal while we craft ARK 2.
  • Their ultimate goal is to offer a revamped ARK experience that can evolve with time, backed by enhanced tech and our continuous creative inputs.

Technological Innovations in ARK Survival Ascended

To encapsulate the advancements:

  • ARK has been meticulously revamped to harness the full potential of Unreal Engine 5.
  • Enhanced graphics features will enhance immersion and overall game aesthetics.
  • Cross-platform modding is a reality, and we’ve collaborated with Overwolf to streamline this process.
  • The game will feature cross-platform multiplayer, new content, overhauled UI, and several gameplay improvements.
  • Remember, ASA will encompass all previously launched DLCs and maps in a refurbished avatar.

Pre-orders, Early Access, and Content Exclusivity

Pre-orders for ARK Survival Ascended aren’t on the agenda. Purchases will be open once the trailer drops at October’s end. Early access isn’t part of the plan either, and no exclusive content is reserved for launch. Pre-loading also isn’t an option, as the game goes live instantly upon being ready.

Decoding Crossplay

Crossplay deployment will be phased:

  1. Initial Launch in October: Crossplay available for Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5. Steam PC users will have to wait.
  2. Full Crossplay by December: Crossplay will be universally accessible.
  3. Cross Progression in 2024: Integration with Epic Online Services is under development for this feature.

Server Enhancements

They have augmented the stasis-replication range and instanced rendering for structures, ensuring smoother gameplay. Presently, the server player cap remains at 70, but evaluations for potential increments are ongoing.

Day 1 Content Updates

Content release is map-centric. Noteworthy changes include:

  • Cave balance refinements.
  • Building process overhaul.
  • Breeding changes to improve gameplay dynamics and several others which players will soon experience firsthand.

Character Creation Reimagined

Their artistic squad has revamped character creation, offering flexibility to create either polished or quirky avatars.

ARK Survival Ascended new dino

Musical Notes

Prepare to be entranced by brand new scores from Gareth Coker!


They are in sync with Nvidia to offer the best in-game experience. Details on these technologies are available on Nvidia’s official blog.

The Unreal Engine Debate

They have chosen Unreal Engine 5.2 over 5.3 due to its recent launch. However, they will gradually assimilating features from 5.3, aiming for a full transition in the future.

ARK Survival Ascended built in unreal engine 5

Gameplay Preview

October promises a sneak peek into ARK Survival Ascended via trailers and screenshots.

Cheater Deterrence

ASA will employ an undisclosed anti-cheat system, ensuring a fair gameplay environment. Also, look out for their forthcoming bounty program!

Survival of the Fittest 5.0 & Queue System

Though SOTF won’t be present at launch, plans for its remastering are in place. Similarly, the queue system’s future depends on SOTF’s direction.

Events and Content

ASA will feature events, starting with Extra Life and followed by the Winter Wonderland event in December. A separate content roadmap for ASA is on the horizon!

Creature Submissions

The intricacies of creature submissions are being reviewed, with details to be shared soon.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on ARK Survival Ascended!